Kintsugi means literally repair with gold and it is a very ancient Japanese art, which consist to repair ceramic objects with precious metals like gold or silver, once they are broken. This technique allows to obtain some valuable objects, economically and artistically: every single repaired object presents a different drawing of golden lines which is unique and not repeatable because of the casualty of the broken ceramic fragments. Kintsugi has developed during centuries the idea that from the material imperfections comes out an event greater form of aesthetic and interior perfection.
The decoration of this tableware is made in three different positions and the simultaneous use of all the elements allows an incredible variety of different combination of the golden lines. This is not only a very elegant and luxurious decoration, but also a geometrical inspiration for sophisticated mise en place.
There is a very interesting research about the connection between past and future. The idea that a sort of casual and artistic gold decoration for a ceramic piece could become an industrial and geometrical decoration for a tableware has been fascinating from the first moment. After that, this project does not build only a bridge between different times, but also between different places, connecting the far east part of the world with the European western culture.